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Do we seat ourselves?

  • Yes. We do not have hosts/hostesses. While we serve better food than your average restaurant, we are still a bar.


How do we order?

  • We have a hybrid ordering system that enables you to order your drinks through the QR code/Mobile app on your table tent and also be served directly by our incredible bar staff. We will take all of your food orders at your table or from the bar.


Are you kid friendly?

  • Absolutely until 9:00pm. Please be respectful of your fellow patrons and keep them with you at all times. Oh, and the rock walls on the patio are not for climbing.


What about dogs?

  • Our patio is dog friendly. Feel free to bring them through the main door as the patio exit is Emergency Exit Only. Registered Service Dogs are allowed inside the building for dining.

Do you take reservations?

  • At this time, we do not. We do have options for large parties for special events, but you can coordinate that through email at


Do you offer discounts?

  • Yes! We have a standing discount for teachers, veterans and our fellow service industry workers

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